BBC Maestro

BBC Maestro

In 2022, we were approached by the online learning course BBC Maestro to help create epub versions of their courses.

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I Told You So #5

My grand-daughter is mixed race. I am proud of her. I am proud of her parents for seeing another person to fall in love with and not the colour of their skin. So when activists from a political party call (and I suspect, some of its MP’s think it) the latest Home Secretary of the UK … Read more

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I Told You So

Every day since the EU Referendum I’ve awoken to find that it’s still not a fevered dream created by the ingestion of too many red Smarties, absinthe and sucking the milk of crack-addicted whores.

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Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

How do I do it? How do I say sorry to my two year old grand-daughter about what happened today? I could tell her that this may be a new and interesting world that she will live in – but I don’t believe that. I could tell her that not much will change and that … Read more

Book of the year 2015

Graphic Novels of the Year 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens © LucasFilm/Disney Every New Year you always pray that it doesn’t get any worse than the previous one. For me, 2015 proved the non-existence of God or that He just didn’t like the virgin comic book readers that were offered up. Plus, the wife and myself must be some of … Read more

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