The Total Perspective Vortex (or how Doctor Who told us to get a sense of proportion)

The latest series of Doctor Who has been one of the best in a while. Solid story-telling backed up with good acting from Capaldi, Mackie and Lucas. It’s a shame that it’s Capaldi’s finale as he seems to be finally enjoying himself in the role. On the whole I don’t believe he found it as much fun as he thought it would be.
Pearl Mackie has been a breath of fresh air in the companion role. Asking all the right questions of the Doctor, whilst showing the usual signs of Stockholm Syndrome that all companions develop.

Doctor Who Season 10

What has been really interesting about Bill on Doctor Who is on how much the universe keeps telling her that she’s not special, even though she’s obviously been brought up to think she is. To wit:-

Bill: “I’m black”
Uni: “So?”
Bill: “I’m gay”
Uni: “So?”
Bill: “I’m a woman”
Uni: “Double so”
Bill: “… I make great chips”
Uni: “Ooo, step this way”

It’s as though Stephen Moffat decided to have some fun with modern cultural, political and social checkboxing and subtly let us know that the moment we finally step out into deep space… it’s not going to care what or who we are.

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