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I Told You So #5

My grand-daughter is mixed race. I am proud of her. I am proud of her parents for seeing another person to fall in love with and not the colour of their skin. So when activists from a political party call (and I suspect, some of its MP’s think it) the latest Home Secretary of the UK … Read more

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I Told You So

Every day since the EU Referendum I’ve awoken to find that it’s still not a fevered dream created by the ingestion of too many red Smarties, absinthe and sucking the milk of crack-addicted whores.

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Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

How do I do it? How do I say sorry to my two year old grand-daughter about what happened today? I could tell her that this may be a new and interesting world that she will live in – but I don’t believe that. I could tell her that not much will change and that … Read more

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Paperback Writer

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur  – Red Adair

So, a prospective client will ask for a quote on converting their book to an ebook. We’ll ask for the Word or PDF file to be downloaded to a secure Dropbox folder, take a look at what can be done and give said quote… and then – nothing.

Douglas Adams on the creation of the universe

Are Friends Electric?

Question: when is a book not a book? Surprisingly often, when it’s an ebook and the question becomes even more relevant when contemplating the future of said product. Ebooks were so overburdened by the significance put upon them with regards to the future of reading that it’s no wonder so many have fallen at the … Read more

What, Me worry?

Of late, I’ve been called somewhat indolent. Mostly because I’ve not been in an incandescent rage (enough to put me into spontaneous combustion) over the Olympics and the corporate sponsorship that’s gone with it. But, so what? Its two weeks out of my life, that I can take or leave. There has been no ‘in … Read more

Burn a…….what?

The plan to burn copies of the Koran by the congregation of a small church in the city of Gainesville, Florida has been making the news headlines all over the world. Besides the fact that this is an offensive act against the Muslim world (although the US Constitution gives the pastor Terry Jones the right … Read more

Epic Fail

So, the NinjaBeaver fancies playing a new game on his PS3. Finished Red Dead Redemption (a thoroughly enjoyable game. A bit buggy and full of ninja cougars and bears plus bad guys who have the usual bad guy magic bullets that can go through walls and kill you with one shot from 500 yards away. … Read more

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