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Ninja Beaver Design is a small but perfectly formed partnership. We have been working in digital and print design, illustration and the games industry for over 15 years


We offer a number of services, from  web and print design to concept art & story-boarding, illustration and EPUB conversion.








We have over 15 years of experience in book illustration, infographics, iconography plus concept art for the games industry with AAA titles in domestic and overseas markets.

Ebook and Interactive Design

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We can convert your publications to work on a variety of devices including iPad, Kindle, Nook and Android.

Unlike many other conversion services we can also create bespoke illustrations and book covers to make your eBooks and reports really stand out from the crowd.

Looking for someone to help you with an app interface or game graphics? We have experience with PC, console and mobile games and applications.

Whether you are making a mobile game or a simple app, we can help you achieve your goals.


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Whether digital or traditional hard copy, we can cater for your design, infographic and iconography needs across a wide and varied range of styles.

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