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If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur  – Red Adair

So, a prospective client will ask for a quote on converting their book to an ebook. We’ll ask for the Word or PDF file to be downloaded to a secure Dropbox folder, take a look at what can be done and give said quote… and then – nothing.

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A Quick One While He’s Away

I don’t review the books I read as much as I use to. I should. There’s no real reason not to and it’s not as though I’ve not the time. So to get back into the swing of things I’ll start with a selection of current reads. As a change from just graphic novels I … Read more

Douglas Adams on the creation of the universe

Are Friends Electric?

Question: when is a book not a book? Surprisingly often, when it’s an ebook and the question becomes even more relevant when contemplating the future of said product. Ebooks were so overburdened by the significance put upon them with regards to the future of reading that it’s no wonder so many have fallen at the … Read more

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Wrestling with SVG in ePub for Kindle KF8 Part Two

The previous blog “Wrestling with SVG in ePub for Kindle KF8” detailed our attempt to make SVG images work well within the Kindle range from Amazon. The main reason for doing so was a project from a client that used a lot of math formulas and data in the main text and tables. One of … Read more

New York, I Love You…

For as long as I can remember I’ve always read comics. Naturally, at the beginning, the vast majority would be British titles with a few DC 80/100 Page Giants and Smash! (Marvel) thrown in before moving onto more American/European and Japanese works. My prose reading may also have changed a lot from when I was … Read more

What, Me worry?

Of late, I’ve been called somewhat indolent. Mostly because I’ve not been in an incandescent rage (enough to put me into spontaneous combustion) over the Olympics and the corporate sponsorship that’s gone with it. But, so what? Its two weeks out of my life, that I can take or leave. There has been no ‘in … Read more


The latest series of Sherlock has just finished it’s run on BBC1 and got everyone abuzz with how Sherlock faked his death. Lots of theories and bullshit about masks, the H.O.U.N.D. drug and fake bodies being thrown from the rooftop of St.Barts. The probable truth is, as Jim Moriarty would say, a lot simpler.Holmes does … Read more

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