Macbooks white and black

I Caved

Should be in my sticky fingers in around 10 days. Not that I can afford it, but ya gotta love the ‘sign now and hope to christ you can find the money before the 12 months is up’ option.* * Luckily for my purse strings, they didn’t have it in black where I ordered it … Read more


Hmmph.. over two weeks since my last entry. Not exactly a good record for me. And to be brutally honest, the only reason I’m here now is because I want to test run IE7 beta on the comments page… teehee. So I might as well dump these two images. The first one, ‘Lavabot’ is unfinished, … Read more

I Can See Clearly…

…now the green has gone. For a while now I’ve harboured the suspicion that my ‘bargain’ 21 inch Sony Trinitron CRT monitor I bought off eBay has not had quite the right colour balance, yet trying to compare it with the 17 inch tft next to it is by and large a pointless exercise, as … Read more


Well we made it, and we’ve been back over a week. But everything seems to have gone a bit Pete Tong since we landed back over here, so I haven’t the energy or inclination to post any entires. I had the flu the day we flew out, and D had it a few days before, … Read more

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