I Caved

Macbooks white and black

Should be in my sticky fingers in around 10 days. Not that I can afford it, but ya gotta love the ‘sign now and hope to christ you can find the money before the 12 months is up’ option.*

* Luckily for my purse strings, they didn’t have it in black where I ordered it from. Otherwise I may well have done the ‘oh who cares if it costs 130 quid more just for a black paint job and a little more HD space’ excuse…

7 thoughts on “I Caved”

  1. When I saw the RSS post title I knew it was a MacBook weakness falling over you. I must say that if I had the dough I’d get one myself, but I need a new desktop first and foremost.

  2. Sarah, do you recommend the much more expensive Mac for a guy like me? I am getting tired of Windows machines and I know the Macs are way more stable and stuff, but all I really do is internet and Word.
    Nice monitor btw.

  3. @Sarah
    Nice one. Congratulations. I want one aswell. But I’ll have to wait a little while till my good old desktop G4 gets too slow or breaks down. Enough time to start saving I suppose…
    @Homie Bear
    You don’t need your internet and Word to be stable?

  4. Lol. I feel like a new mum with all these congratulations.
    Hey I guess I am!
    It’ll never replace my main PC, but I’m hoping this’ll free me up to use my drawing board. So much of my reference is digital that I rarely use a pencil, it’s easier to use tthe tablet and two monitors. But if I’ve got a laptop it means I can browse / surf /ref at my drawingboard and get away from the pooter for a bit. 🙂
    @Homie, you could get the Mac Mini or an iMac. The main thing that’s always put me off macs is the cost. But I needed a laptop and thought heck, might as well get a shiny new intel mac.

  5. Hi
    Let me know what you think of it, gonna wait till I can afford MBP, if ever – just want that card for me games. Steve x

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