Three Minutes and Half a Chimp

Well not exactly half… More like a sixth or seventh really. The above is a painting I just did for a friend’s blog. Nice to get some practice in at ordinary (digital) painting for a change really. In other news, had a lovely day out in Oxford yesterday and got to meet up with some … Read more

Well waddya know…

The irony of this post is not going to escape me, but after my “I have a job no need to stay at home” statement, I now find that I’m here.. with 5 working days left ’till I leave my job of six and a half years to break out into the big scary world … Read more

Thanks for the Feedback…

I just received this charming email through the contact form of the site: Jim wrote:Get you f’in pics and your not funny bandwidth comments off google if you are not offering your picture! It’s bad business and a poor way to introduce people to your want to be stay at home job! Oh hey.. ya … Read more


I’ve been mooching about on historic costume image galleries. I always find if I’m stuck for a bit of inspiration, which can happen a lot, that these old source books can be great. I have quite a few ‘public domain’ books full of engravings of historical dress and architecture myself. Dover Press has a cool … Read more


It’s here. Exactly ten days as well. I must be psychic. It’s now recharging after I piddled around with it for too long trying to do stuff (arrgh.. I’ve forgotten how to use a mac). I have discovered a few things: It’s veh pretty The apple on the case lights up when it’s open (oh … Read more


Hmmph.. over two weeks since my last entry. Not exactly a good record for me. And to be brutally honest, the only reason I’m here now is because I want to test run IE7 beta on the comments page… teehee. So I might as well dump these two images. The first one, ‘Lavabot’ is unfinished, … Read more

Ninja Beaver Head
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