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Yup, I decided to check out the hype and ordered myself a couple of Moleskine sketchbooks this week. Unfortunately as I am a complete berk, I ordered the small ones (9x21cm) so they’re a bit cramped. The idea though was to have something to sketch in on a long haul flight, so they may actually be just perfect for that. What do I think? Well they’re lovely. Sturdy, strongly bound and easy to bend back without the pages falling out. The paper is top notch, perhaps a little too much so really. I like to doodle on inferior paper, as it generally makes for less smudging and I get a lighter touch. Looking back, I wouldn’t order this size again as it’s nothing more than a pocket book. But neither do I want the larger sketchbook as the thicker the paper (in the sketchbook the paper is 250gsm, pretty heavy), the less the pages.

So I’ve ordered another one, this time in A5 size, and a notebook instead of a sketchbook, so it’ll have 240 pages instead of 80.
Will this celebrated object, favoured by Tennyson and Picasso, replete with quotations from the likes of Truman Capote actually make me draw better?

Um. No.

Still, tis a bonny little thing.

6 thoughts on “Moleskine”

  1. Moleskines are yummylicious. I generally keep one A5-sized about my person at all times, and I’ve managed to get past the “OMG! This paper is too luscious to be tainted with my doodles”-feeling I used to have. I just realized that keeping another sketchpad with me was really defying the whole purpose. 🙂

  2. Oooh the A5 one turned up today. I think I’m in lurrrrve.
    Paper’s thinner, but still more than nice enough to draw on. Woo-hoo! Now all I need is some inspiration…

  3. Just ordered one. A few friends have them and swear these fair pretty well. I’m usually a fan of cheap sketchbooks since I tend to lose them. But the portability (and price) might encourage me to carry it with me more.

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