3 thoughts on “Dance Party”

  1. Seriously…line dancing in a virtual world?
    I thought it was bad enough watching it in bars. I think seeing it online has to be one of the signs of the Apocalypse…

  2. Heh…
    We prefer to think of it as ‘synch dancing’. 😉
    It’s pretty fun, honest! My warrior does the Uma Therman dance from Pulp Fiction and my Elementalist.. erm.. well her dance is a bit of an uber slutty belly dance.
    Incidentally, this’ll make you chuckle. There’s an NPC called Jayne Forestlight who drops a weapon called ‘Vera’… apparently there’s a whole bunch of Firefly references in the game. 😀

  3. LOL…that’s awesome. I just watched “Our Mrs. Reynolds” a few nights past when Jayne introduces Vera. I love that episode (Doesn’t hurt that I think Christinia Hendricks (Saffron) is yummy)
    But still…”synch dancing”…I guess I’d have to be a gamer to understand the attraction, and I’m not much of one 🙂

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