Best. Birthday. Present. Ever

Last year I turned 50.

Not so much of a big deal for me; with the advances in healthy living and medical treatments I expect – barring accidents – to live well into my nineties. But for the wife it was, so to find a special present was the order of the day.

Now I’m not the easiest person to buy presents for. If I see something I like, and I can afford it, I’ll buy an item there and then; and seeing as she had already bought me something very special for our wedding I wasn’t that bothered.

Our first trip to Glastonbury was decided on and the tickets bought – but that was for the both of us. I still needed to select something for myself, something personal.

Going through the headlines of the comic and film news site Bleeding Cool I noticed that the artist Guillem March had begun a Kickstarter project for an artbook comprising of work from his sketchbooks.

Guillem is a Spanish artist residing in Palma de Mallorca and he has a very European clean-line style that I love. He works exclusively for DC Comics and has been the artist on Catwoman, Gotham City Sirens and Talon amongst others. Here’s a couple of samples:-

Natc Looker Image
National Comics Presents: Looker © DC Comics
Batman Inc variant image
Batman Inc. #11 Variant © DC Comics

and the infamous one

Catwoman Image
Catwoman #1 © DC Comics

As you can see Guillem is what could be called a “good girl” artist in the vein of Vargas, Olivia De Berardinis, Gil Elvgren and George Petty. Cover Girls from Image Comics was the first attempt at collating his art, but he felt that it was somewhat lacking; hence the Kickstarter project Muses a Gogo.
Muses a Gogo is a collection of art from Guillem’s sketchbooks featuring his favorite muse – naked women. This was enough to perk my interest in the project, but it was the top contributor offer that really got me thinking: a signed copy of the book with a piece of original art to the contributors specifications that would also appear in the book. Instantly I knew what I wanted. A nude of my wife.

She was fully on board with this, but a little puzzled as it was something that I saw every day. Besides the fact that I thought it was a cool thing to have, it kinda follows in my mothers footsteps. She also was life-model at one time and still has some art and statues from this period in her household. She likes to shock the grandchildren by saying that it’s her when they ask about them. Plus, I have a treasured portrait of me as a child by the re-knowned artist Robert Lenkiewicz and something of Sarah just felt right.

The Kickstarter project was very popular and the top contributor prize soon became over-subscribed. The book was a go.
A pose was decided (under a waterfall) and Guillem was more than accommodating (even though I kept the subject of the pose secret from Sarah), turning in a beautiful piece that managed to please us both. Of course, this is a private work of art so I cannot show much.

Nude image
All I was allowed to show

Muses a Gogo itself is a wonderfully put together artbook. Full gloss pages, with art past and present. It’s not available in shops, but can be bought from Guillem’s own website. With the addition of a neat little extra in that the dedication page is part of a 82 panel comic this was a fantastic birthday present and I thank Sarah from the bottom of my heart. Now to find a suitable frame.

P.S. The Glastonbury trip, due to family circumstances, was a busted flush and we had to return the tickets. But seeing as it looked like only Chic and Public Enemy were worth seeing, I think I got the better deal with the nude.

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