Well waddya know…

The irony of this post is not going to escape me, but after my “I have a job no need to stay at home” statement, I now find that I’m here.. with 5 working days left ’till I leave my job of six and a half years to break out into the big scary world of freelancing.


Funny the way things happen isn’t it? Well, to be honest if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve got some exceedingly cool stuff lined up that I’m as excited as hell about (but can’t say anything, natch) I don’t think I’d risk it. But I have to look at it this way, the opportunity is there, and I need to take it with both hands and finally be what I want to be.

Enough of the happy horse shit anyway. Let’s just say I’m amped. 🙂

I have a raft of 3d work I need to showcase on the site, I started putting a showreel together back when I thought I was going to need it pretty damn fast and I only got a few renders done. It’d be a shame not to put some of the buildings and stuff up, so look out for more of that when I get a chance. I also, in light of my new work status… need to whip the site into shape. As I’ll be working from home from the end of next week I’m hoping I’ll be more inclined to sort that out in the evenings.

In the meantime, here’s some guns. Lots of guns…

Guns, lots of guns

Modelled in Maya, textured using photoshop, rendered in Maya. Game engine – Gamebryo.

5 thoughts on “Well waddya know…”

  1. Wow! Freelancing! Yes…scary, but exciting! Best of luck to you there. I hope it works out for the absolute best. And I hope that means more artwork, more postings and generally more of everything here! Yes, I’m selfish 🙂

  2. Heh… I take it you fired up your feeds then?
    Yes, yes indeed I am hoping to post much more. I’ve got very lazy at the ol’ blogging lately. I try to carry a sketchbook everywhere but ya know, that Macbook’s a tad heavy and something has to get left behind… 😉

  3. Hey thanks, Joel.
    I’ve been looking at Illosaurus as well. It’s all pretty scary.. but also exciting! Got to go and see the old bank manager this week… bleeee. Still, not too much to worry about I guess, my startup costs will be minimal as I’ve already got most of the kit I need to do m’job. I definitely need a new monitor though!

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