It’s here. Exactly ten days as well. I must be psychic.

It’s now recharging after I piddled around with it for too long trying to do stuff (arrgh.. I’ve forgotten how to use a mac).

I have discovered a few things:

  • It’s veh pretty
  • The apple on the case lights up when it’s open (oh my stars!!! That was me in love)
  • My nails are too long.
  • This blog is broken in Safari.
  • Bugger.
  • So far no mooing, whining or nuclear meltdown

Will let you know what I think when I’ve worked out how to actually use it. 😐

5 thoughts on “Well…”

  1. I wish I could buy a mac…waaah! I’m poor so I’ll just setup home theatre. Hehehehe! 😀 I wish I could help you with your problem. Just wondering why use Firefox when it has its own browser? 😕

  2. Steeeeve ! Hello 😀
    I did download the Camino the other day but I think I stuffed up the installation on that as well. I should download it again, it’s based on mozilla isn’t it? I find Firefox a little slow to start up on the ‘book.
    Hope you’re well, chuck. 🙂

  3. Its top and so is Vienna, as for me im fine – working hard at animation bluffing. Trying (again) to redesign site – might use wordpress and coppermine? not sure. Have fun with your MacBook (I want one).

  4. You’re right. Camino rawks. Much better than Safari, 🙂
    Wordpress is cool. Took a lot of strain out of running the site for me. Never did really find a gallery plugin I liked much, but the lightbox plugin seems to be doing the job well enough. I really need to try and get some more non work-related work up though.
    I’m sure you’re not bluffing. that’s my job, been doing it for years now….

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