It’s Mrs now, but you can call me Sir…

Of Mice and Rings

So yup, the deed is done. On the 16th anniversary of the day we got together (21st June) , the man and I finally got married. Shocking huh?

Right now, I am sat in a Holiday Inn debating whether to take yet another power shower and starting to set up my new domain. I’m quite sure other people in here are wondering where the hell their bandwidth is going but I don’t care… I paid for these 50 free hours many many months ago and I intend to abuse them to the fullest while on my honeymoon. Well, technically we’re not really on our honeymoon yet, we fly out on Wednesday morning. But this is ‘family-time’.
I’m trying to avoid writing too much, as I need something to do on the plane. So keep an eye out for updates. I will also post a redirect to the new site when it’s ready to fly. So far the wordpress part of it is all working loverly. Got lots of space and oodles of bandwidth, watch out world!

Oh, I also got dragged in by the gravity well that is the Apple Store in MK and bought a bluetooth Mighty Mouse. For a few days I couldn’t work out why I actually bought the damn thing.. but now I’m sat here at a hotel desk, blogging and ftping at the same time… I’m kinda glad I did. It works really well and I never did really get the hang of the track pad.

Anyway, enuff of that. See you on the other side. 😀

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