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If you’re reading this because the forum is broken. I’m on the case, I have found a proper SQL file splitter now, so am uploading it in 1 meg chunks, all 75 of them.
Bear with me, should be sorted within an hour or so.

Update: 01:40am 17th June
Ok, more and more I’m starting to realise there is something fundamentally wrong that I cannot fix. Therefore until I have a word with my host about it I’m afraid the forum has ceased to exist.

There was already a problem with missing style sheets that I was alerted to, which led me to back up and download the database. It seems possible though, that whatever was wrong was carried into this backup.

However that does not explain why, if I completely delete the database and start from scratch with a fresh install of phpBB 3.01 that the issue is still there. There are no stylesheets and any attempt to post or go to the admin panel ends up in some sort of session error. As it stands I can’t administrate even the broken forum, so I am going to have to pull it down altogether for the foreseeable future.

I will of course, enquire about a backup. But if there is one, and it doesn’t work I’m not really sure where we go from here. To be blunt, I am getting married on Saturday, I have a metric crap-tonne of work to clear before then and I really don’t have time for this. I am just exceedingly grateful to Simon, the web host for getting the main site rescued.

As I said, I have tried to install a completely new forum and database to at least leave you with somewhere to post, but the problems are persisting. So I will be deleting this in a few minutes. I’m not going to put anything back up now until I’ve had a word with the host about it, because if a fresh install doesn’t work. There must be something else wrong other than the previously backed up database.

Well I sat up till 3am in the end, and although I managed to get a working install from a fresh installation for some reasont the forums I created will not show up on the page. I suspect I will have to delete it yet again tonight.

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  1. Speaking for myself, don’t worry about the forum too much. I’ll cope if you put it low down on the priority list for a few weeks (and I’m sure the others will as well). Focus on, y’know, the important stuff, such as the nuptials.

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