That Eureka Moment…

It’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, you’ll have to forgive my little ‘huzzah!’ of triumph, but given my previous woeful stabs at Manga Studio I’m feeling pretty warm and fuzzy about the way this came out. I’ve been trying to ‘find’ a style for “I Dream of Dragons” for a while now, and last night as I was inking in MS, it occurred to me that I could use colour overlays in Photoshop to give the screentones subtle colours, and use aged paper overlays etc to make it feel a little ‘news-printy’.

Little Girl in Hood Illustration - Manga Studio EX and Photoshop

When I combined that thought process with managing to work out how to hide some of the over complex and unnecessary tool bar / status bar parts of the UI, along with locking the palettes on to a separate screen, and hiding all the unneeded guides (woo!) I actually started to enjoy using it.

Expect more, I may be on a roll here…

Ps. yes, her arms are uneven. I wasn’t really expecting this image to go anywhere so didn’t bother correcting it. That’ll teach me.

I had a horrible bout of insomnia last night, probably brought on by sleeping in the afternoon because I was feeling unwell. Happily though, it resulted in me finally getting a handle on what I wanted to get out of Manga Studio. Huzzah!

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