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One for ‘Throwback Thursday’. This project was undertaken as part of the AlphaPunk Collective for BlueVia, part of the Telefonica group.

The larger project was a complete rebrand, using a light-hearted semi-comic book approach. The BlueVia logo was not changed, and the colours were adopted and expanded to use. Our job was to redesign the website, implement a style guide, create signature characters, motion comics, graphics and ‘swag’ to giveaway at developer events.

I have blogged about some of this before, but this time will be concentrating on the web graphics and UX.

Web page graphics

The following graphics were used on front-facing pages designed to give information to developers thinking about signing up to use the BlueVia APIs.

Business Model Info
Selling Digital Goods
When Do I Get Paid

Sprite sheets

BlueVia’s website was a bit different to our usual jobs as we worked in tandem with a developer, rather than developing the site ourselves. The website was a huge undertaking, encompassing front-end marketing style pages and back-end developer pages and needed to have the ability to house a large amount of support documentation. We used Telefonica’s JIRA system to respond to feedback and squash bugs, and worked from a set of wireframes delivered to us by the marketing team. From those wireframes we designed the web pages and the developer put them into practice.

Below are a selection of sprite sheets created by us and used by the developer to populate the site. Click / tap to view larger.

Sprite Buttons
Sprite Make Api Work
Main Sprite Sheet
S America Countries Spritesheet

Wbsite mock-ups

Below are a few of the mock-ups used to create the website. All of these use at least some of the sprites above.

BlueVia UX MU 001
BlueVia UX MU 002
BlueVia UX MU 003
BlueVia UX MU 004
BlueVia UX MU 006
BlueVia UX MU 007

Team avatars

As a type of easter egg, I was asked to create an avatar for the marketing and dev teams. That was a fun thing to do and was well received by the team.

BlueVia Team Avatars

I recently googled BlueVia as it ceased to exist for some time and it seems that it’s reappeared as a fibre network run by Telefonica. A little different to it’s original use!

Are you looking to rebrand your business or launch a new look?

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