Painting for Textiles

I recently had an opportunity to collaborate with someone I used to work with in the games industry.

I can’t really go into too much detail but I can share a few paintings that we used in the process. The target material is textiles, so the paintings needed to be able to be printed on various items that wouldn’t take too much detail. It was an interesting challenge, making them painterly but still fairly bold and printable with too much loss of detail. Although some was inevitable, I wanted to make sure if we changed the medium it was being printed on they could still look good. Hopefully I achieved that.

Pheasant Profile
Vizsla With Paw Raised

The target material was dark, in a few different hues. The paintings needed to work over this, but be flexible enough to be used elsewhere (e.g ceramics) with as little tweaking as possible. Most would work, but some, such as the dandelion clock would never be placed over white or cream.

There are a lot more than just these images, but I need to keep a lot back as this is not out in public as yet. We still have some kinks to iron out with supply chain and printing methods. I’m very proud of the work though, and it was very well received.

Vizsla Running
Vizsla Puppy

My weapon of choice for the painting was Clip Studio Paint EX, which was interesting as I don’t normally do much natural style painting in any of my apps. I used Sketchbook Pro for the roughs, and Photoshop to finish up the pattern. The file was huge and was one of the reasons I now have 64GB of RAM.

I did upgrade to CSP 2, but I’m not overly happy with their subscription style now. Yes, you can buy a perpetual license as well as a subscription. But to get any incremental updates you have to buy an annual pass. Which still feels like a subscription to me. I haven’t bothered with it as yet, I’m hoping that proper bug fixes to the perpetual software I purchased will be released. Perhaps I’m being over optimistic…

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