Shiny, shiny…ooh..

Ok, so it would be too much to ask for me to come back from NYC without some sort of shiny, right? Well I hadn’t actually planned on splurging but I was so arsed off with not getting any sleep on the way out something had to give. When it transpired that we’d taken a fair bit more than we could possibly spend, even with us (alright.. me) doing a bunch of clothes shopping I decided to bite the bullet and finally succumb to an iPod.

But not just any iPod, mind.

Mmm shiny

Noo… I had to have the less than chubby 8GB iPod Touch, just because.. well I don’t need a massive amount of space and it’s just so… shiny. Ok, now you might think $300 is a bit much for such a small drive, but I do not regret it for a minute. The Googlemaps app was a lifesaver, and fortunately thanks to people who don’t seem to feel the need to lock down their Wifi I was practically able to use it as a sat nav to get around. Which came in handy when we walked all the way back from Macy’s fireworks on FDR Drive to our hotel in Washington Square.

I have nothing but lovely things to say about it. Sound quality is great, even through those tiny “MUG ME” white earbuds, and the iCal integration will come in handy in tandem with my Macbook. It’s also blindingly easy to check my Gmail on it, post to Twitter, makes notes and finally… yes, what was the one thing that was missing from my life? Now… I can web surf on the toilet! Aint that just grand? ;)This isn’t the best of it though. My wonderful hubby bought me the shiny of all shinies as a wedding present….

Ready for some Gadget Porn?

I’ll write a review when I’ve done something more constructive than stroke it.

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