Third Time’s the Charm

My last two transatlantic flights were nothing short of traumatic , so maybe this one will be better. Anyhoo, if nothing goes desperately wrong I shall be snarfing down bagels and wearing holes in my shoes in just under 48 hours… Woo-Hoo.. and this time, no research, no photographing trash cans, fire hydrants and windows. Just pure unadulterated tourism.

So I leave you, both of you, with one piece of art and my latest addiction. The below image was done for the ‘Draw My Character’ thread on the Drawn! forums. I was lucky enough to get superb source material in the form of Ironspike’s character Eugene, from her webcomic ‘Templar, Arizona’. Do check it out, she has a superb and striking inking style. And it’s a good read, with great characters.


So the Addiction? Well, after finally getting fed up with all the grinding in RF Online, and the stupid AFK Mining.. we decided to give Guild Wars a try. So far I’m really impressed with it. It’s not a monotonous grindfest, quests actually make sense and farming low level mobs for points does you no good whatsoever – so you have to keep playing it properly. Although I have to admit to making my character dance probably more than I should, I have yet to run around screeching “I Pwn Yor Ass” , “Yo” or other general L33Tspeak madness.

Guild Wars Character

I can usually be found in Ascalon City, under the pseudonym Saraphim Belacqua. Dancing, crafting and generally pestering the merchants for armour upgrade materials.. .

Guild Wars really does bring the pretty as well. The geometry in the environments is far more complex than RF, and more detailed. Characters don’t LOD out at ten feet either.

Ninja Beaver Head
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