Inktober – Rock

I decided to at least take a stab at Inktober. This was the result of my first one, the prompt was “Rock”

Inktober - Rock
Inktober – Rock

I’m not really happy with this. I went into it full of ideas and optimism and both slowly drained from me as I tried to draw. I decided to use Autodesk Sketchbook and my Surface/Cintiq but I’m wondering now would it have been better to use pen and paper or Clip Studio Paint EX . CSP is the best digital inking tool by a country mile. I find it a little difficult to draw ‘on my lap’ with the Surface Pro 2, and although I love to be sat with our whippet, Miah I had to abandon her and go back to my desk or not finish the piece. Whippets have a incredibly soporific effect when they nestle into you.
I found myself not enjoying the process much. And it shows. This is a fault on my side, not the concept of Inktober which is a wonderful idea. I need to get my drawing mojo back !

I would encourage artists to take part in this. Similar to Illustration Friday, it gives you a springboard to go on and create.

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