Two eBooks for National Poetry Day

Yesterday was National Poetry Day, and we’re pleased to say that two ebook conversions we worked on over the last few weeks made it on to Amazon in time for the event.

Poetry has it’s own challenges in the ebook space. Poets will often utilise space with the work to create  rhythm, and with HTML (or XHTML in this case) spaces cannot be created by simple key presses. They need to be created in the CSS (cascading style sheet) and the mark-up applied inline as a span class. This was done on a poem-by-poem basis, working through the books and adding mark-up where needed. With novels, there is a fairly minimal amount of styling involved, but ebooks can be so much more than this.

Our knowledge of web design is a huge asset to our approach to ebook design. Rather than just use a one-button-export, we tailor the CSS and XHTML to create clean files that will validate and should not fall over when epub specs change.
Both books are available on Amazon now. We look forward to sharing more projects in the future!

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