Without Love…

…we’re never more than Strangers in Paradise.

Katina Choovanski
Strangers in Paradise
Katchoo, Francine, David

I feel rather sad today. Terry Moore has confirmed in the latest issue of Strangers in Paradise , that issue 90 (May 2007) will be the very last to hit the shelves.I’ve been reading SiP pretty much since it started, and Terry Morre’s artwork has long been my favourite out of all the comic books I’ve ever read. He captures emotion and character perfectly. There are no superheroes in his world, and Katchoo, Casey, Francine David et al do so much more than just bare their teeth and leap buildings. Sure, compared to my humdrum existence their lives are full of weirdness.. murder, blackmail, extortion, psychotic billionaires.. but mostly it’s about family ties and the relationships between a few people.

I also hold the opinion that Moore is one of the finest comic book artists working today, particularly when it comes to drawing women. Women who you don’t have to marvel at where they’re hiding their internal organs, and who often turn out to be the strongest without the aid of superpowers. Though it has to be said, Tambi has more than her fair share of muscles.. but ya know? They look real, and that’s what makes SiP so great. Everyone within the pages is believable, real.

So the above is my humble goodbye, albeit a bit on the early side. Seeing as I’ve adopted Katchoo as my online persona in so many forums and newsgroups I ought to tip my hat to the character I’ve hidden behind for so many years.

Here’s to ya!

Image above right is © Terry Moore, as are all the characters within Strangers in Paradise.

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