Total Recoil for iOS

I’m happy to say that a game I worked on at the concept and pitch stage a while ago is now available on the App Store (yay!).

Total Recoil
Total Recoil - Sketches

I’ve worked with Eiconic on and off for a few years since I ditched the 9-5 job, and most of my best illustrative work in the form of character and environment paintings has come out of that relationship. It was a nice surprise to see this one come to fruition, as it’s been a while since I was involved. My major task was to conceptualise the soldiers, props and environments in a cartoony and fun style. As you can see from the following concept art, it was a blast!

Simon, the Art Director isn’t too fond of me using a tablet for sketching as he says my best stuff happens with a pencil. He might be right there, but I do love my Cintiq 😉

Total Recoil - Sketches

There is some painted artwork too though. The group shot below formed the background of the Total Recoil logo. It was painted entirely in Photoshop, from a series of solo character sketches in pencil.

Total Recoil - Group Painting

Last but not least, here’s the official trailer! We’ll be adding more concept art to the sketchbooks and character pages, so keep an eye out for it. In the meantime, if you have an iPod/iPhone or iPad you can download the game from the App Store…

We also designed and implemented the website for Total Recoil. What are you waiting for? Get shooting! 😀

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