Farewell 2012

It’s been a pretty strange year in many ways, and I can’t say as I’m that sorry to see the back of 2012, apocalyptic or otherwise.
But firstly, let me wish all of you a happy new year and hope you all had a relaxing Christmas break.

Merry Christmas - Otter Style
We hope you had an Otterly Great Christmas!

I’ve been meaning to post about a couple of things, not least being the lack of reviews for the various gadgets we’ve procured in the last 12 months. So watch out for a couple of posts with regards to the Wacom 24HD Cintiq, including the un-boxing video (if I ever manage to get it up on YouTube) which mostly features me exclaiming “it’s soo biiiig!” and admiring the size of the cardboard box. I’ll also be taking a slightly more in depth look at the Galaxy Note 10.1, now that I’ve had a chance to use it with the latest update for Sketchbook Pro for Android (tablets). I will also be waxing lyrical about the pure joy that a Zenus case is, in comparison to all the cheap-assed, bulky tablet cases that are on the market.

We’ve also just been blessed with a retina iPad (4th Gen), which I’ll be giving a brief run-down of. One thing to note, sadly the lightning cable seems to be less than impressive in terms of durability/reliability, as I’ll explain in my ‘soon-to-come-but-not-tonight-if-I-drink-too-much’ review.
Come on, cut me some slack. It’s new years eve!

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