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Update – We had been having email problems for the last week, but these are now solved

We are excited to say that after some downtime of about a week, Ninja Beaver – the website is up and running again with an evolutionary new look, and we’ve gone responsive!

The edges are still a little rough, we have a list of tweaks to make to the site to make it pixel (or rather em) perfect, but we feel it’s pretty much in a state that we’re happy to tinker with it live, rather than keep it squirrelled away behind a maintenance notice.

So, what’s been happening?

We’ve got a lot of new content that we’ll be posting soon, hopefully. A couple of large projects have been keeping us on our toes and we’re still pretty busy. So it’s all good.

Anyone who reads this blog will probably remember me salivating over a Cintiq 24HD late last year. Well, thanks to Lloyds TSB and ten years worth of refunded PPI, my lovely husband was kind enough to purchase one for me just after Christmas. Oh and we got a car too. Which was nice. I have an unboxing video, but it’s in dire need of an edit. When I do get around to that, I’ll sling it up here for you to laugh at. I sound like a 12 year old, as usual.

Here’s the first bit of doodling I did on the new Cintiq. I finally took a gamble and upgraded to Painter 12, I wasn’t sure it would work with the Painter 11 upgrade edition and seeing as no-one on their support forum could give me a definitive answer I bit the bullet and tried. It worked, and I’ve barely used it… I’m still a dogged Sketchbook Pro fan.

It’s pretty crappy… but it was a quick 30 min arse about. Cut me some slack 😉

Batman and friends

Hope you like the new site, we’re constantly working to improve things, so if you see anything that looks a bit wrong. Let us know!

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