The latest series of Sherlock has just finished it’s run on BBC1 and got everyone abuzz with how Sherlock faked his death. Lots of theories and bullshit about masks, the H.O.U.N.D. drug and fake bodies being thrown from the rooftop of St.Barts. The probable truth is, as Jim Moriarty would say, a lot simpler.
Holmes does the magicians trick of distraction. He tells Watson to keep his eyes upon him so that Watson does not notice the rubbish truck that pulls up between the building that obscures his view of the pavement and Barts. Sherlock falls. We know that it is a real body, not the dead Moriarty or a dummy in the way Sherlock flails when dropping. A dead body or dummy falls as a dead weight. Neither Watson, the hitman or the viewer see the body hit the pavement.
He falls into the rubbish truck. Watson is then delayed when knocked by one of Holmes’ or Molly’s people thus giving Sherlock time to leap out of the truck which then moves off. Molly’s people then surround him, Sherlock or others spray fake blood/plasma on and around Sherlock to give the impression of a fatal fall.

At this point Watson tries to take Sherlock’s pulse, but remember that Molly is a pathologist/mortician at Bart’s. It would take nothing for her to gain a severed arm that can be shoved up Sherlock’s coat sleeve to fake a lack of pulse and Watson is pushed away quite quickly. Alternatively it may be an arm from Holmes fridge; he does tend to keep things in there (much to Mrs.Hudson’s disgust).

So there we go. Molly, severed arm, distraction.

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