9 thoughts on “Tea”

  1. Love this pic, tell ya the truth love the website. Now I have to add you to my favorites and come back to visit. Great job! Love the style!

  2. Hey, thanks all! 😀

    I expecially like the quickies!

    heh.. me too. I have no patience for long drawn out paintings. I get bored too easily.

  3. I like it Kat. Don’t think the teapot sucks at all. I think Alice has a bit more definition(more muscular) in your illo than I’ve seen before. I rather like that.

  4. Hey Bron! Don’t usually see you in this shady neck of the woods. 😉
    Thanks, I really shouldn’t be so slap dash with the teapot though. Attention span of a goldfish, that’s me! 😀

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