Speed Painting 003

Speed Paint
I’m alarmed!

15 minutes in Alias Sketchbook Pro
Also, my apologies to anyone who has emailed me in the last few weeks and not recieved an answer. I’ve been pretty overwhelmed with both work and personal stuff. Oh, and the project I’ve been working on for the best part of two and a half years is about to hit the stores. You’ll need Flash player 8 to look at that, sigh. Some people have obviously never thought about making a site retro-compatible.

2 thoughts on “Speed Painting 003”

  1. Nice speedies as of late 🙂
    Interesting, I was exactly looking at screenshots for that game you are working on thought to visit the site. Funny is, I didn’t know you were involved. Looks interesting, I will be looking into it.

  2. Thanks, Norante.
    have to say the reviews in hard core gaming mags so far haven’t exactly been off the chart, but it was a game intended for people who don’t want to micro-manage but just have some fun building a massive city. Kinda scary though, as thi sis my first game with any significant ingame input other than concept art,

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