Safe in the City

Safe in the City was a digital toolkit created by On Our Radar. This toolkit was developed to raise awareness on sexual violence in public spaces and break the silence on how it impacts lives.

Content Warning: Some graphics represent types of sexual violence or coercive control.

My task was to create graphics and icons for the toolkit. They wanted them bright and in a slightly comic book style to fit in with some existing designs. I was a little worried that the subject material was challenging and very aware that I could get this all wrong. The first task was to create the three key graphics for the cover of the toolkit.

Safe in the City: Listen


Hear the stories of brave women who’ve decided to speak out about their experiences

Initially a profile with an ear. Ultimately this felt more suited to the digital nature of the project.

Safe in the City: Learn


Find out more about your rights and the ways to report harassment or assault.

Content is increasingly being consumed on smartphones.

Safe in the City: Lead


Feeling inspired? Find out ways to empower and protect women and girls in your city and beyond.

A callback to the ‘Rosie the Riveter‘ poster, a very well known symbol of strength. Interestingly not the original or even most powerful depiction. Norman Rockwell’s painting for the Saturday Evening Post is so much better. Please do have a look.

Below are all the icons used in the toolkit. One for each section.
I won’t elaborate as the relevant titles are under each icon.

Safe in the City - Rape


Safe in the City - Sexual Harrassment

Sexual Harrassment

Safe in the City - SC Psychological Control

Psychological Control

Safe in the City - Stalking


Safe in the City - Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

Safe in the City - Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse

Safe in the City - Genital Mutilation

Genital Mutilation

Safe in the City - Forced Prostitution

Forced Prostitution

Safe in the City - Dowry Related Violence

Dowry Related Violence

Safe in the City - Financial Abuse

Financial Abuse

Safe in the City - Forced marriage

Forced Marriage

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