OXFINITI: Wrapping the Box

OXFINITI specialises in providing an innovative super oxygenation system for municipal or industrial wastewater treatment. OXFINITI’s patented technology dramatically reduce costs simultaneously while increasing the efficiency, effectiveness, and capacity of municipal wastewater facilities.

Although I have been involved with other aspects of OXFINITI’s design process, this post deals mainly with designing the wrap for the OxBox itself. We took the Oxfiniti logo as a focus for the striking wrap around design.

Flat Plan

The flat plan of the wrap was provided as a template which I was able to use to make an accurate design for the box itself. Working in Illustrator, the final exported design was delivered as a PDF that could be used by the company creating the wrap. As part of this process, I also designed a secondary logo “Combating Climate Change”, which incoporated the existing logo motif.

Pxfiniti OxBox End Panels
OxBox ends – 1/12th scale in PDF. Click to view larger
Oxfiniti OxBox Side
OxBox side – 1/12th scale in PDF. Click to view larger

And in the wild

Not something I get to see very often as most of my clients are remote, so I rarely get hard copies of the work and a lot of what we do is also digital only. I was really pleased to see these photos.

OxBox End 1
OxBox Side 2
OxBox Side 1
OxBox End 2

Click any image to view larger

MedOx logo and box wrap

Another brief for Oxfiniti was the creation of a logo for MedOx, a similar oxygenation system aimed at supplementing a hospital’s existing oxygen supply. The unit met all the required standards and delivers 95% pure oxygen. The box for this one was to be white, with a similar layout. The graphics also extended to the roof of the box as well.

MedOx Logo
MedOx Box

There are other aspects of OXFINITI I have been involved with, but I won’t cover them all here. One interesting item is an animation I created in Adobe After Effects. This ultimately wasn’t used for anything but I was quite pleased with the way it came out considering I’ve hardly ever used After Effects.

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