Powers: Supergroup

Powers panel 1
Powers © Bendis / Oeming

This is #4 in the Powers series and the quality of the writing and art has not suffered in the slightest. Bendis seems to have his finger on the cultural pulse with this story of a group of useless wannabees who give up everything just for the fame and adulation, without realising the repercussions when their time is up.
The art is as accessable as ever, though some may not like its cartoony style. Oeming doesn’t flinch from showing what happens to a body when it explodes in a confined space (shit everywhere), but he’s equally at home with the big superhero power-rumbles. The coloring by Peter Pentazis really shines with the more glossy paper that the graphics are printed upon.

There have been comparisons with this series and Top Ten (Moore,Ha. Published by DC Comics (whether Moore likes it or not)). But Top Ten has always been the Hill Street Blues of the genre whilst Powers is Homicide: Life on the Streets. The only thing that this means is that there’s a lot more swearing and sex in Powers.

Very recommended, and is on sale in any good comic shop near you. Price should be about £14.95

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