Photoshop Controllers

Button Mashers

I’ve kindly been given permission to post these as I was rarrrrther pleased with the results, and as it’s not game specific I can do so without breaking any NDAs.

The above controllers were created completely in Photoshop. I used vector layers almost exclusively, so they can be re-sized as needed when they go to break them up for use in the GUI.

I am pretty enamoured of vector layers in PS at the moment. Obviously they don’t really work for more painterly stuff, but if you have a base outline or section that you may need to revisit, it’s a great way of keeping it crisp. Just draw the object with the bezier pen tool (as you would in a vector program). Right click on it while selected with the path select tool and “create vector mask”. Job done. Of course you could use channels to do the same thing, but bother? Vector masks will never degrade and you can adjust them as much as you want after without problem, you can’t do that with a channel mask.

Oh and I noticed with hilarity that after I remembered to re-point my technorati entry to this site (apparently I’ve 699 days without a ping) I got the spam scum descending on the blog in less than 12 hours. So I think we can say without too much doubt that spammers harvest urls from Technorati. I enabled Askimet so you can all bugger off back where you came from now.

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