Monster Mashup

A quickie post for Hallowe’en.

Finally (!) managed to work out how to stitch together screen caps from Jing, so the video below is a speeded up quick ten minute sketch done in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. I’m not going to attempt to review it based on that, or record an audio review (I hate the sound of my own voice). Hopefully though, I’ll be posting more of these as I get time to do them.

Here’s the little fella after a quick whizz through Photoshop

Monster Mash

And here’s the video*:

*Apologies for a) leaving the recording box in shot, I’ll remember to move it onto another diplay next time, and b) I seem to have lost all the frames where I painted the head. Not sure what on earth happened there. I lost the will to live after a few export attempts though and decided to leave it as is.

Ninja Beaver Head
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