Another post, and so soon after the last one! Well, when I say soon I mean less than six months.
I’m still loving Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2010, which I still haven’t written a review for. And also my new shiny – the HTC Hero. My first (and hopefully last, seeing as I forked out for a sim-free version) Android phone.

HTC Hero
HTC Hero

Keep your eyes peeled for more on that later this week, hopefully.

In other news, the hubster and I are working solidly on some interesting stuff: A recently finished XBox Live Arcade title hopefully going live soon, which has a lot of 2D content in from yours truly and our continuing endeavours on a fairly large design and illustration project for several training courses. All good fun, and the latter is home to the above damsel in distress and the cartoon below. It’s an exciting time, albeit heavily tinged with anxiety about family illness. Still, onwards and sideways!

Your name’s not on the list..
Ninja Beaver Head
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