Freak Out

For the purposes of this review I’ll be handing it over to my alternate-Earth counterpart. So, give a big hand for your own Jason King look-alike D’Arce.* HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this some kind of FREAK-OUT or WHAT!!!!!!!!! HELLO, you groovy hepcats and cool chicks. Many thanks to the big Darcy for contacting me and letting … Read more

Less is Moore

The book this week is Swamp Thing: Reunion by Alan Moore and various, published by Vertigo/CD Comics. And…….how can I say this. Well…..umm… see.In truth. They are not very good. WHAT!!!!! I hear you cry. Isn’t this THE Alan Moore? Author of such great and seminal works like V for Vendetta, Miracleman, The Ballad of … Read more

Past Times

YES!!!!!!!!! They’re BACK, BACK, BACK !!!!!!!!! Its the `80’s all over again as DC let the maniacs back onto the JLA. Believe it or not, the eighties were a great time. Don’t listen to most of the media who deride it,most of them were too young to remember (cue most of those I Love The … Read more

Love Hurts

Back again with another recommendation. Something weird is happening in the bookshops of America these days. The biggest growth in book-reading amongst the young and teenage market ( and boys especially) is not Mr.Potter and his cohorts but, believe it or not, Manga. Nobody can understand how this came about, but it seems that good … Read more

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