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Yakatak chat stickers is a project that we completed back in the first quarter of this year. Yakatak is an Android and iOS app for football fans. The app will follow the progress of your favourite football teams, update with news and results and enable users to connect and chat.

Nerdhino Attacking image

This was a really fun project to do, and the guys at Yakatak had some great ideas for us to run with. We brainstormed a whole bunch of characters and out of the mayhem came gems like Krazy Rabbit, Nerdhino, Wagzi, The Nutz and Temper Dude.

Zombie sketches
Zombie character sheet sketches

Method in the Madness

Headless Chicken

As the stickers need to be seen on a wide variety of devices and screen resolutions we decided the best approach would be to use Adobe Illustrator. All the characters were sketched up in line first, and then once signed off we lovingly crafted them as vectors. Some were more complex than others; with backgrounds and accessories, but all needed to work at a base resolution of 100 x 100px. Which is a pretty tight size to target.

For some of them we put a white keyline around them to ensure they worked on both dark and light backgrounds. Luckily (for us) as the project progressed were given more pixels to play with and could get more detail into the images.

All in all, we’re pretty pleased with how it turned out!

One Sided - Sun lounging

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