Time Lapse Video

A project from 2021 for Camden Disability Action

Last year I had the privilege to do three time lapse videos for CDA. Camden Disability Action is a user-led organisation which aims to promote the equality of deaf and disabled people living or working in Camden. The videos are based on interviews, detailing their lives and accessibility issues in the Camden area. This is just one of those videos.


I decided not to use laggy and unforgiving screen recording software, wanting to have footage that worked as a time lapse rather than a fluid recording of mark making. A fluid recording would need to be sped up to the point where it was too frenetic. My ‘weapon of choice’ (as usual) was Sketchbook Pro for the concept stage. SBP does have a built-in time lapse option, but I was planning to use a different app for the final artwork. Also I find SBP a little flakey for finished work.

Video Sketch Plan

The transcript was kept in the file so I could section the video sketch off into a minimum of six panels. There are three videos with a similar theme throughout; single image to the fore of the individual and their story unfolding around them. As you can see from the final image below and video above the order changed during the process. This was part of the feedback process with CDA.

The application used for this is Clip Studio Paint. Primarily a comic art / manga software, it gives Painter a run for it’s money. It has more than enough built-in brushes to draw and paint with. I also use Frenden’s brush sets, which I can highly recommend. My only fault I can pick with the time lapse recordingin CSP is that the export is 1280×720 maximum. My preferred option would be to export the same resolution as the original file; In this case, 4K. What CSP can do is to save the file out after each panel was finished, then scrub the time lapse and starting again. That allowed for adjustments if needed and then stitching everything together at the end.

Final time lapse image

I enjoyed this project a lot. It was inspired by some work I did for On Our Radar; a series of time lapses done in a similar style about responses to, and the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. I’ll cover that in another post.

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