Still Dreaming

I haven’t completely given up on I Dream of Dragons, hence the sketch below.

Dragon Duo
A fine… bromance

The colour now seems off to me on my main monitor, which is aggravating as I have re-calibrated so many times it hurts. I kid you not, it actually hurts my shoulder as I can never get the Spyder to stay on the screen without having to keep my finger on it. No matter what I do I never seem to be able to get all three monitors exactly the same, and the Cintiq is the worst of the three. Highly frustrating given that it’s supposed to make my life easier.

Another project I’m sporadically working on is “Zombie Fauna”. More on that when I have something worth posting.

As is probably obvious, Ninja Beaver Studios has a new look. Like it? Hate it? Let us know. We’ve got a developer license for Thesis now, so we’ll be porting the NBS theme over to that when we’ve finished fiddling with it locally.

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