Slapping it On

I recently decided it was about time I bought Painter, what with the latest version getting lauded for a 30% performance boost. So I did a strange little dance with Amazon – I bought painter 9.5 (full program) for the bargain price of £43, including delivery. Then I ordered Painter 11 (upgrade) for £109.00. Why? Because I saved £100 off the price of the full retail version.

But have I used it? Well…. a little.

Quick Sketch
Speed paint, rendered in Corel Painter 11

The above was a 15min paint/sketch. There’s no doubt that Painter is the best app out there for a real-paint effect, but I’m still having issues with it. Perhaps it’s my fault, but there’s a real performance problem on the Cintiq. I’ve tried dragging palettes on the main monitor – nice and fast, tried dragging them on the left-hand monitor – nice and fast (and this is my surfing screen) but dragging them on the Cintiq is beyond painful. I even decided to dedicate a single graphics card to the Cintiq and no joy, I tried setting the Cintiq as the main monitor (deeply undesirable to me) and still no better. The brushes aren’t too bad until you have a large file or a large brush.

So I am left contemplating whether I should upgrade to 8 or 16 MB of RAM or buy another Nvidia GTX 260 just for the Cintiq.

Or I could just use Photoshop or Autodesk Sketchbook 2010. Which both work perfectly.

You live and learn, I suppose. 🙁

Ninja Beaver Head
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