Mercury Hg

It was with surprise, and a little glee, that we noticed that a game I worked on in the concept and pitch phase was available for download on the PS3 this week. Yes I usually am the last to know.

Mercury Hg
Mercury Hg

Mercury Hg is a physics puzzle game, in which you have to steer your little blob of mercury around a floating platform, avoiding pitfalls, changing colours, triggering switches, etc.

My involvement was to come up with a style, and initially I did a bunch of textures, etc. but the team didn’t really require me for longer than initial concept so most of the game is largely a mystery to me. It looks like the style changed a fair bit too, which is quite often the case.

For the cheap-as-chips price of around £4 you can download this on your PS3, and there’s a demo too. Can’t really go wrong with that, can you! Feel free to go and buy, I can’t promise you’ll see much of my stuff – although I swear I spotted one texture in the demo at least but it looks fun, and I’m sure the guys at Eiconic have done a great job with it.

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