Forward Book of Poetry 2017 – 2022

Forward Book of Poetry on Fire HD

We are pleased to say that our 5 year working relationship with the Forward Arts Foundation continues as the Forward Book of Poetry 2022 and Poems of the Decade are published in e-book format. Ninja Beaver did the conversion for both books from the print versions.

All the Forward books have been in reflowable text rather than fixed layout. Reflowable creates a unique challenge when creating markup for poetry rather than prose. Many poets use the printed space to structure their poems in a specific visual way; such as long spaces, creating shapes with stanzas and staggering lines  for emphasis. We keep our markup as clean as possible and use CSS classes to allow these structured poems to be close to the original printed work. Page breaks are something of a game of chance, as the reader can always change the text size and the poem may split where you least expect or want it to.

As with previous titles, we convert both to .epub as well as .mobi for Kindle. They can then be read on a variety of devices such as the Kindle itself, the Amazon Fire and the iPad.

Forward Poetry IPad 2
Forward Poetry IPad 1

For more information about our eBook conversion service please visit this page.

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