Dragons in Manga Studio

I had something of a desire to try and work in Manga Studio last night, so I sketched up another dragon and imported it. Well, when I say imported… I spent 20 minutes trying to import it, 5 minutes downloading the manual and another ten trying to work out how to get it to show up in the frame.
Once I did though, it was great fun to use.

Manga Studio 4 EX

For black and white I can’t see any downsides to it, but I have been completely unable to get it to do anything sensible in colour. I find the myriad options a bit overwhelming too. I’m not sure I need all the guffery of “Story” and “Pages”, as I would most likely assemble any book with Indesign in the final instance rather than Manga Studio. I guess it’s my fault for working in PS and Illustrator so much that I’ve never taken the time to learn other applications. Painter 11 is another expensive app I bought and I hardly ever fire that up.
Well… apart from Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. I love that programme so much it hurts, and am forever trying to pimp it on people. Below is the sketch from ASBP I imported into Manga Studio (eventually).

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro
Ninja Beaver Head
Illustrators Agency logo

To source illustration through an agent, Sarah can be hired through the illustrators agency