Couple of Oldies

I’m wondering if I should make a category “Stuff I never got paid for so it’s going up on my site whether you like it or not! 😉
Anyway, here’s some oldies done for a friend a couple of years back. I don’t think it’d take a genius to work out what it is. Well hopfully not anyway! I’m in the process of doing a “smudge painting of the face, a bit like the haberlin tutorial painting I did all those moons ago.

Some dodgy geezer’s lab
a distinct lack of skin care…

So what’s been happening I hear you cry, all erm.. one of you. Well I’m still freelancing, and I seem to get less spare time than I ever did before.. which is not a bad thing I guess. I’m hoping I’ll be able to post some of the work I’ve been doing soon. I did some stuff for Cartoon Network via a 3rd party publisher that I was really pleased with. Got to design characters for one of the better CN IPs. Just for the game of course, but it would be sooo cool if they ever turned up in the tv series! Not much chance of that but ya never know. Anyway, that was fun.. I’ll post about it when it goes live.

So wedding details? Well, the other half and I will tying the proverbial knot in June, and are going to NYC for ten nights for the honeymoon. I promised myself we wouldn’t get married until we could afford to go out there for a decent amount of time, so we’re really amped about that. I think our 17th anniversary is a pretty good time to get married. 😀

Oh well, of course I must mention the superb Christmas and Valentines presents I recieved from aforementioned hubby to be. He got me a pay and go (I don’t like contracts, I recieve more calls than I make) Sony Ericsson W910i for Crimbo and the rather fabtastic Microsoft Reclusa gaming keyboard for V Day. One thing you can say about my man, he knows how to make a girl happy! I think he was just a bit fed up with my keyboard having half it’s letters MIA from the pounding I’ve given them. Needless to say Ctrl and Z were the first to disppear….

Ninja Beaver Head
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