Contours and Renders

Brush pot modelled and render in Maya
Wacom Intuos 3
Photoshop Airbrush Tool

More embloggination, and so soon! Above is a render of a model done in Autodesk Maya, for a series of training manuals for game design/art and development students we’ve been working on for quite a while now. Maya is spectacularly annoying for rendering wireframes but I managed, through a lot of trawling around the net, to find a good way of rendering high resolution wireframes for print using contour rendering.

The advantage of contour rendering (for us at least) is that it’s a) fast and b) can give you a very good quality wireframe without showing all the hidden faces, such as the far side of the model. Plus, if you use a duplicate of your original you can render out a fully textured/mapped model then duplicate it, add the contour render material to it and render out one after the other with an alpha channel. Allowing you to overlay the two images in Photoshop and control exactly how you see the wireframe – such as fading it out, multiplying it etc. The colour of the wireframe itself can also be set, so you can render out a 100% red wireframe and adjust it to any hue you like in Photoshop.

Another side project that sprang out of this was modelling all the Photoshop tools in 3D, which has had varying degrees of success. Hopefully I will eventually get around to rendering the whole Photoshop UI out in 3D just for gits and shiggles. We may add these to the (not yet realised) Ninja Beaver Stock Box we’ve been planning for a while; a website that will consist of both 2D vector and 3D render images for sale. One thing that I find somewhat aggravating about stock photography sites is the lack of transparency in images. We want to offer people images that they will be able to add to their own designs without having to cut/mask or generally fiddle with just to get them to fit.

We aim to get this in motion soon, watch this space! 🙂

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