Environment Design & Illustration

This gallery of environment design and illustration features artwork created for various video games. Creating environments is an essential part of the concept artist’s work, and sets the scene for the 3D artists to build their worlds. Below are examples of environment design in the form of concept art of buildings for an unpublished PC game with a police strategy theme. Also featured are in-game ‘Story Mode’ illustrations for Polar Panic and backgrounds for an underwater themed Nintendo DS game.

Not all the backgrounds are digitally painted bitmaps. The highly stylised flat colour vector environments seen here from ‘Ed, Edd n Eddy: Backyard Games’ were created in Adobe Illustrator and the content animated in Flash for a browser-based online game.

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About Polar Panic

Polar Panic is a 3D puzzle game by Eiconic Games originally created for XBox Live. Since it’s release it has proven very popular and has made the move onto PSP and PlayStation Network.

Sarah did extensive concept art for the environment design phase, along with full illustrations for the in-game ‘Story Mode’. She also created front-end graphics and the elements for the GUI, including a highly illustrated map.

About Ed, Edd n Eddy: Backyard Games

Ed, Edd n Eddy: Backyard Games was a flash based browser game created for Cartoon Network. The brief called for a strict adherence to ‘brand’ and although characters were required to wear sporting clothing they needed to look exactly as they do in the TV series. All the artwork was created in Adobe illustrator and required a very ‘hand-drawn’ wobbly feel to it.

The backgrounds consisted of both static (Junkyard Lift) and multi-layered parallax scrolling (Hurdles). Sarah also created the User Interface and win/lose screens, along with the front-end painted bitmap image.

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