New Horizons

A sample of some concept paintings that were done for a Mercury prototype. Simple enough concept: your mercury drops in, and you have to finish the level with as much of it left as possible. Simple huh? Well you should have seen me playing the prototype…. In other news *fanfare!* Ninja Beaver Studios is on … Read more


This’ll be short and sweet because frankly, I’m feeling too ill to say anything sensible. I have a rotten cold, and although I managed to get some work done on the site this morning doing anything remotely creative seems to be out of reach right now. So here’s an image of some girls I did … Read more

Photoshop Controllers

I’ve kindly been given permission to post these as I was rarrrrther pleased with the results, and as it’s not game specific I can do so without breaking any NDAs. The above controllers were created completely in Photoshop. I used vector layers almost exclusively, so they can be re-sized as needed when they go to … Read more

Ninja Beaver Head
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