I’m A Hero Too

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The Brief

I’m a Hero Too is a picture book created for the children of deployed parents. The book was written by Tim Dunnigan, Sarah was the illustrator. Being familiar with the book it was a natural progression for us to handle the website. The site needed to:

  • Be fun, colourful and informative
  • Be a promotional tool for the book
  • A way to publicise upcoming related material
  • Give helpful links for parents in the armed forces
  • Act as a small ecommerce solution via Paypal
Ninja Beaver - I'm a Hero Too PayPal Box

I’m a Hero Too is a full-width website, with bespoke mark-up created as HTML5 was coming into use. Payments for the book are taken through PayPal’s servers.

Donations to the Foundation are also enabled with Stripe Payments.

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