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OXFINITI Super Oxygenation System

The OXFINITI wastewater treatment system is a proven technology for direct injection of oxygen from a generator more efficiently into an activated sludge process. No liquid oxygen or storage is required. This results in significant energy savings and enhanced quality benefits. As Ninja Beaver handled the print requirements for OXFINITI, it was a natural progression for us to create the OXFINITI website. As there would be no need for any database driven content we decided to use Bootstrap.  The site needed to:

  • Have a high impact front page, with a full page slider
  • Be clean, easy to navigate and accessible
  • Be responsive, working on all size screens using media queries
  • Have easily accessed contact forms and download request forms
  • Be similar in tone to the documentation already created for OXFINITI, including table CSS and mark-up
NInja Beaver - Oxfiniti Website

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