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Mo’ Miah

I’ve been toying with the idea of a whippet web comic starring Miah. Whether I can manage it, is another matter. However, if I keep it short and sketchy perhaps I can keep up a reasonable level of work!

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Miah Sketches

For some reason I have done very few sketches of Miah, our little whippet. I have no idea why as she is a very pretty dog and deserves to be immortalised in print on the net.

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Meet the Beavers!

Meet the Beavers


Illustrator, Designer, Professional Nerd, Gamer. Slaughterer of deadlines and small scaly things. Voted person most likely to wipe the MMO group, 2017.


Bibliophile, gamer, print and ePub designer, moving in a mysterious way. The other half of NinjaBeaver

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